No, I don't know what I'm doing. Not with website design. It took me weeks to figure out how to log back in. If you're seeing this, it's probably because I forgot how to do it again.

This website was intended to be a collection of projects, thoughts, and places to buy things related to tech. Tech made from Blu-Ray players. Tech made from Two Blue Ray Players:

That's LadyBug One Kind Or Another, and they both serve the same function: They take pictures of and 3D scan really tiny things. Like, bug-sized things:


that bug? it's real. The camera? twelve bucks. The secret? 2D Scanning on top of 3D scanning:

By moving your object and camera with a bunch of motors, you can scan things way way bigger than a bug. And at no loss of resolution! That's what makes the LadyBugs so special --- it doesn't matter how many pixels your camera has.

To learn more, check out my Instructables page or Hackaday!